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Ryan Gosling to Play the “Wolfman” for Universal’s Dark Universe

Sounds like Universal Pictures is still trying to make their Dark Universe happen, and 2-time Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling is on track to play the “Wolfman.”

According to Variety, Universal is currently doin’ the ol’ director search for this project, and not a whole lot is known about it yet. Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo reportedly wrote the most recent version of the script, possibly using the pitch from Gosling.

Ryan Gosling, “Blade Runner: 2049,” photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

You may recall that just last week, the Dark Universe celebrated an odd anniversary. It had been 3 years since this tweet, which was to announce the formation and execution of a new version of the classic set of Universal Monsters.

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So far, there have been two films within said universe, and one of them didn’t do so hot.

The Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella-starring “The Mummy” came and went, leaving audiences confused by the reasoning behind the film.

Then came “The Invisible Man” starring Elizabeth Moss, which did pretty well both at the box office and critically.

We’re certainly interested to see where this new direction can possibly take the franchise at this point, and are hopeful for another good entry.

Who is your favorite Universal Monster? Who would you like to see come to the silver screen next? Let us know in the comments.

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