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Xbox Series X Backwards Compatible With ALL Xbox Games & Peripherals

We’ve been waiting to hear about the backwards compatibility of the PS5 but have completely forgotten about our friend the Xbox! Now that we know that the Xbox Series X will be backwards compatible with ALL Xbox games it looks like the PS5 may have some stiffer competition than we thought.

Not only should we be getting all games at launch, but according to the official Xbox website, they will also play better. Due to a mix of new software techniques and the new hardware system of the Xbox Series X. When the Xbox One boasted compatibility of Xbox 360 games that was the number one selling feature. If you had to choose between two consoles and you already had games for the 360 it was just the smart thing to do. Now if you’ve been an Xbox player your whole life keeping those games in a drawer is finally going to pay off big time.

Through a tremendous amount of hard work, technical innovation, and partnership with the industry’s leading creators we were not only able to bring more than 500 Xbox 360 games to Xbox One, we were able to go back even further into the archives and resurrect some of your favorite franchises from the original Xbox. The very same team who created new innovative ways to preserve and enhance your existing catalog of games on Xbox One is the same team pushing the envelope again with Xbox Series X.

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Not only are they boasting that they will have older games playable but they are also saying that many peripherals will be able to be used as well. The Xbox team states, “Not only that, your favorite gaming accessories and peripherals should also move forward with you as well.” So what I’m genuinely hoping is that we can finally play Guitar Hero and Rock Band on something other than an old busted Xbox 360. I love that old console, but it has definitely seen better days.

Now that you know that the entire library will be available which games do you most want to play? Tell us in the comments!

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