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You Can Buy Noodle Cup Bed for Your Pet and it’s Totally Wholesome

If you’re a pet owner, you know how hectic it can be when your energetic pets are awake doing their own things. But when they are sound asleep, you just can’t help but stare at those cute little creatures and admire their adorableness. And this is random, but apparently, you can buy them a cup noodle bed and the combination will be a cuteness overload you never knew you needed.

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A Twitter user posted pictures of her Shiba Inu curled up in his udon bed. An just like that, Yuki the Shiba went viral. Netizens flooded the post with how cute the bed and the dog were. In an interview with Bored Panda, Yuki’s owner said that ever since the doggo’s got her new bed, it had become her favorite spot.

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It was later revealed that the noodle cup bed also comes in other kinds of flavor, such as ramen and soba. The cup udon bed is sold on the Amazon JP for 4,700 JPY, which is US$44.21.


What do you think about this new online craze in Japan?

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