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This Pretty Hair Clip Protects Your Ear From Mask Straps

If you have ever worn a mask long enough, you would surely know the discomfort of the mask strap pulling in your ears, and maybe even leaving nasty prints. This Japanese fashion brand’s new hair accessories might be the perfect solution for that!

This Mayla Classic’s hair clip is designed to relieve the pain mask straps may cause. It is a ribbon bow tie clip, with a small hook attached. You simply bind your straps to it, and it will lift the burden off your ears.

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The accessory comes in 7 different colors: sky blue, navy, velvet red, matcha green, gold, pink and purple. There are a lot of ways to style your hair to go along with it. Put it into a bun, a ponytail, or letting your hair looses would also work. Just make sure the hair clip is around your ear level.

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Price: 3,730 JPY (~$35.13) each.

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