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Marvel Comes Out With New App for Kids to Help them Expand Their Vocabulary

When it comes to reading and telling stories to my kid the one thing that I always gravitate towards are comic books. They show you a bunch of new words while illustrating the meanings and it makes it easier for the younger ones to understand. Specifically this game is aimed at 7-11 year old kids but if you have an early reader or have time to play the game with your kid you can start them as early as you’d like. Today, Kuato Studios has officially launched their new learning structure within their award-winning app Marvel Hero Tales.

Now that Kuato and Marvel have come up with a new app that kids can play that will help them learn new words and increase their story telling skills I can see a lot of parents turning to this to help with teaching. Which is something we need right now with all of the children being out of school for the time being. No one tell them that it’s educational though because it’s disguised as a game. Shhhh.

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The app is designed to help our heroes improve their vocabulary and become confident users of expressive language through creating their own Hero Tales. Kuato Studios have worked with the Center For Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Portland Oregon, as well as with teachers and schools in the UK to develop specific vocabulary content for the game, based on the Corpus of Contemporary American English and mapped to US and UK literacy grade standards. Over time, users will progress through a rich, graded vocabulary set to help them become better readers and storytellers.

In the words of Stan Lee: “Reading is good! And you can quote me on that!” And anything that will make my kid want to read wins a prize. Schooling has been like pulling teeth lately and I will use anything that will help her want to learn. What helps is that Kuato has worked with the center for applied second language studies so they have implemented a way for kids to learn new words that is very intuitive feeling.  Since the app’s successful launch last year, Marvel Hero Tales has ranked as one of the top 10 education apps in the app store, and has been awarded the Kidscreen 2020 Award for the Best Learning App.

NAS is now live within the Marvel Hero Tales app, available for download on iOS and Android devices now. Please visit

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