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These Anime Soap Bars “Reveal Themselves” To You The More You Use Them

With the times being what they are, washing our hands has become more prevalent than ever. But perhaps a global epidemic isn’t enough incentive to washing our hands? Perhaps we need just a little more reason than a pandemic?

Well, we do indeed have the soap for you! This particular hygiene product contains a small standee depicting female protagonists of popular mobile video game Arknights concealing their “assets”. The fun part is though, that they are cleverly concealed and you must go through the bar of soap in order to reveal them in all their glory.

The acrylic soap has three variants containing one of three female Arknights characters. Out of the box, they are completely opaque, but once you start using it, the bar becomes translucent, and then transparent. To keep the curious user washing their hands and body, the area covering the anime babes’ bodies remains covered in a fog like material that only disappears after you’ve used up the entire bar, reaching the plastic standee at the core of it.

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This reviewer cheats and cuts the soap in half revealing a thin sheet with the character in on it. But why deprive yourself of the experience of washing over and over in anticipation for the final prize?

Unfortunately we have not been able to track down where these soaps came from exactly but we did find a bar on this site here. They do seem to be sold out for now, so I guess we must wait until they are restocked so we can wash ourselves for… science!

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