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Chicago Aquarium Lets Penguins Look At All The Exhibits While There’s No Visitors

Well the pandemic isn’t all bad for everyone, and that means penguins! Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium has been letting the penguins out to look at all the exhibits while there’s no visitors. And they’ve been capturing it on video for those of us who want to watch.

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The Rockhopper penguins are named Edward, Annie and Wellington. Edward and Annie are a bonded pair which means they are mated for life. How sweet! They will be hunkering down for mating season soon and penguin activities will be normal as ever. Plus now they get the added bonus of having free reign of the entire aquarium.

I have to say the music paired with the twitter video is really wholesome. And we love that they are getting to look around places and explore their home. This will be one thing to keep an eye on if you are bored or even just need something to show your kids while everyone is stuck at home.

If you want to watch the videos they put out you can by following the Facebook page here.

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