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Shudder Giving Away Extended Trials Amidst Coronavirus “Shut In”

What better time for a horror marathon than during a pandemic? No really this is probably the best time to watch some scary movies with that loved one you’re staying in with. Get cuddly on the couch and let your imaginations go wild. And it’s going to be even easier now that Shudder is giving away extended trials amidst the coronavirus shut in.

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Now with the code: SHUTIN you have access to thirty days of free horror movies. And if you are looking for some silly and scary movies to try out on the service we recommend One Cut of the Dead. That one starts off as a normal zombie movie and becomes something way different. In fact, it’s better if I don’t describe it to you. Just watch it.

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Along with that you can also watch the Joe Bob Briggs marathons they have put out lately. Those are awesome because he’s just such a great personality. Plus he does the counts like how many ninja kicks or naked breasts you’re going to get to see during the film.

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