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Here’s A Mountain Coaster that will Take You Flying Through the Forest!

So you’ve already mastered the Materhorn at Disney. Now it’s time for something bigger and better. Something real. Well there is a mountain coaster in California that will send you flying through the forest. And it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

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This mountain coaster will send you flying around boulders, through the trees and all while giving you a spectacular view of Tahoe. The vertical descent is 300 ft and it sends you flying. You have to be at least 54″ to 84″ to ride this ride. The driver has to be at least 16 years of age.

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Heavenly Mountain Resort offers this ride as well as, “zip line tours, ropes courses, rock climbing wall, mountain coaster, summer tubing and more.” 

This is pretty cool if you have the guts to do it. I suppose it takes a certain sporty type of person to want to go on something this fast and free. From the video you can see that some of the track is also netted so you won’t just fall out. Also it seems to be a pretty short ride coming in just under two minutes. The ride looks mellow enough if you’re used to theme park coasters, this one just offers the bonus of being outdoors. And when I say outdoors I mean the camping feel, not literally “outdoors” which describes most all other coasters.

You can check out more about it on the resorts website which you can get to by following the link here.

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