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Drinking Dinosaur Planters Give Your Plants The Perfect Amount of Water

Do you lack a green thumb? Tired of watching the mass-extinction of every plant you bring into your home? Well, Firebox has some adorable dinosaurs for you! Their Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planters will house and continuously water your plants so you can sit back and relax. Best of all, unlike the real dinosaurs, these ones will never go extinct.

First, you select one of three adorable designs. There is the sweet basil Triceratops, the lucky clover Stegosaurus, or the wild strawberry T-Rex. Each design includes the actual plant if you don’t have something of your own in mind. Once they arrive, simply take your dino out of the white bowl they are standing in. Place the bowl under their tongue and fill it with water. Your dino will slurp up the water whenever your plant gets thirsty, ensuring no under or over-watering. Once your plant outgrows the Greenzaurus planter, you can either place a new plant in it or keep it as a ceramic ornament.

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Each planter is $19.99 and all three designs are currently available. Sadly, these planters cannot be shipped to the United States right now. According to the site, “we are doing everything in our power to improve this” situation though. So make sure to frequently check back with the site. Hopefully, they will have shipping available to the U.S. for these planters very soon.

In the meantime, these Navi Planters can provide a home for your wayward houseplants. Sadly, they won’t water them for you though and they won’t stop telling you to “hey, listen!”

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