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Yoo-Hoo Releases Vanilla Flavor

Yoo-Hoo is the chocolate milk that many of us remember from our school lunches. For kids it’s either Nestle Quick or Yoo-Hoo with the latter option often being bought up by parents because it came in a bigger package. Or at least it came in a package with more quantity you could throw in a lunch sack. Now we have word that Yoo-Hoo has added to their flavors with vanilla as well.
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How this one flew under the radar for so many months is beyond me. I love Yoo-Hoo so I definitely would have noticed this pop up on the shelves. They posted about this find back in November and we’re just now hearing about it. Unthinkable!

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According to frontpagefoodfinds on Instagram they found the drink at Walmart. The flavor comes in a pack of ten boxes and the poster and his sister say that the drink tastes like vanilla ice cream. More specifically the vanilla ice cream left at the end when you eat it from a bowl and then sip up.

Keep an eye on Wal-Mart for when this flavor comes back in stock online by clicking the link here.

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