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Fan Notices Zelda Easter Egg In Animal Crossing New Horizons

With Animal Crossing New Horizons rapidly approaching we all have been wondering what is coming. For starters we know that you can build items. But one item in particular was spotted during the Nintendo Direct, and well it has me very excited.

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Do you see it? The first row all the way to the right. That’s right it’s an ocarina! This isn’t the first time that we have been able to have a Legend of Zelda item in game, back in New Leaf we got several Legend of Zelda items.

One thing that is for certain in New Horizons is that there is a work bench that you will be able to craft things and redesign colors. But no word yet if the ocarina will be a playable item, or if it’s just for looks. Personally I really hope that it is a usable item, I would love to play Saria’s Song on a little log overlooking the waterfall.

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