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Nissin And Hyper X Are Collabing For Cup Of Noodles Headphone

I’ve been going to EVO for a few years now, and I remember when I got there and Nissin Cup of Noodles was there as well. I was like “Okay, curious, but hey they know their crowd” Plus we got free instant noodles when we picked up our badges (score!) But they have continued to come since then and I look forward to seeing them actually (and free food).

But the fact that I saw this online has me curious.

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It’s a cup of noodles headset with a fork microphone. It almost seems too good to be true. And to be honest the fact that is releases on April 1st at 6 am has me raising my eyebrows. This to me seems like an elaborate April Fools joke, but hey if they are real, I am probably gonna have to buy myself one of these. Cause you know, I need it, for scientific reasons.

If you want to nab some of these your going to have to keep an eye on the Nissin store online.

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