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Take a Look Inside Your Favorite Pokémon In this PokéNatomy Book!

You’re not fully a Pokémon trainer yet if you haven’t seen all the sorts of power that lie under their skin! The good news is, there’s a guidebook designed to help you understand the power that’s inside your Pokemons!

PokéNatomy is an unofficial anatomical art project, showing a new perspective of Pokemon: through the lens of modern biology. The fan-made product will never be available in stores and only 5000 copies exist.

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But now, for the first time ever, you can get the wonders of the scientific world of Pokémon in print, fully illustrated in either hardcover or leatherbound.

The 300 pages long book contains all of the original 151 Pokémon, each with full anatomical illustrations along with detailed descriptions of their biology, behavior, and abilities.

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PokéNatomy has all the scientific information you’d ever want to know about the classic Pokémon characters, including diverse scientific concepts like DNA, body systems, hereditary traits, and adaptation.

Treat yourself and your Pokemon loving friends to the wonders of the scientific world of Pokemon! You can get it here.

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