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Original Pound Puppies Are Back!

Remember Legend of Big Paw? Or maybe you just watched the cartoon on VHS when you were little when the big F.H.E. would come on the screen. I can still hear it now. Then that sick bass line would start and on we would go to the theme song.
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Well now the original pups are making a comeback in online stores and places like Target who have been keeping a focus endcap on throwback toys like My Little Pony and Carebears. Now you can find the large ones for just $19.99 on Amazon and to be honest with you I want them all. Heck I still remember when they would sell these as a sewing kit and you would have to make your own, I found the kits in my Grandmother’s closet once and was totally in love.

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It comes with a cute box, some stickers and a certificate of adoption. This is one of my favorite throwbacks from the 80’s. Now we can inundate our children with the same toys that made our childhoods so magical. Pound Puppies are made by Basic Fun Toys which are also responsible for the other throw back toys you are finding everywhere. Thank you Basic Fun!

What was your favorite show from the 80’s? Tell us in the comments!

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