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Musician Invents Trombone That Shoots Flamethrowers

I think it’s safe to say that we here at Nerdbot have a thing for flamethrowers. So when I learned about this I just had to share. Valentin Guerin who is aspiring to become a professional trombonist has created a pretty hardcore version of the instrument. Think hardcore metal and fire and the classical notes of the trombone and you get what he calls the ‘Pyro-Trombone’ . At just twenty-five years old he owns the patent to this. But whether or not it’s something that will be marketed in the future is hard to say.

“The idea of ​​Pyro-Trombone comes from a simple observation: the public dislikes trombone concerts,” he says. “We must, therefore, innovate with a show of great musical quality, yes, but also absolutely mind-blowing.”

It’s pretty admirable to come up with a performance piece this interesting. Not to mention have the technical capabilities to pull this off successfully. He must be incredibly smart to be able to create, patent and play this amazing instrument. You can check him out playing it in the video below. He is playing the Fantastic Polka and accompanying him is Valérie Guérin-Descouturelle on piano.

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If you enjoyed this make sure you check out his website and keep up with him! He’s sure to become someone huge.

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