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3rd Grade Teacher Wears Human Anatomy Jump Suit To Class

Being a teacher is hard. You have to keep the interest of all your students, and hope that whatever you’re teaching them is actually sticking. You have to create different ways to keep the kids on their toes and to actually keep them engaged into the conversation.

One third grade teacher by the name of Verónica Duque from Valladolid, Spain wanted to leave a lasting impression on her students. and what better way to learn the anatomy of a human than to actually wear a full body suit that mapped out the entire innards of the human body. 

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Pretty creative right?

These pictures have gone viral since its original post on Twitter has over 70k likes 14k retweets and 1.8K comments. When asked about the full suit Verónica just said that she was trying to be created for her class and that her kids prefer a more visual aids more than text or spoken words.

“I decided long ago to use disguises for history lessons. I’m also using cardboard crowns for my students to learn grammatical categories such as nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Different grammar kingdoms, so to say.”

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