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You Can Get Your Own Life Sized Baby Yoda & It Looks Exactly Like The Real Thing

Disclaimer: Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of this item, we just thought you would like to know!

When I first saw a picture of this I honestly thought it was a still from the show. It looks exactly like the prop they shot for ‘The Mandalorian’ and boy if that doesn’t make me want one more! Standing at a little over a foot tall, this figure is sixteen inches high and 13 inches wide. Legacy Effects who sculpted, molded, painted and basically made the entire thing did a fantastic job. Look at those tiny fine hairs on his head!

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“Every inch of this incredibly lifelike figure has been meticulously detailed to recreate everything that Star Wars fans love about the young alien, from the fuzz on its wrinkled head to its irresistible pout, all the way down to its tiny, toddling feet. Fans looking to bring home The Mandalorian collectibles need look no further- bounty hunting is a complicated profession but collecting the galaxy’s cutest alien has never been easier!” – Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow collectibles is selling him for $350 with an estimated ship date of August-October 2020. So just about the time the new series comes out you will get your baby. They also have a payment plan that you can opt into that makes it $52.50 a month. This thing has been so popular that it actually broke the site yesterday as people kept clicking on the link to check it out. Get yours fast if you want one because these assuredly won’t last long.

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