No case is either too big or too small for the world’s greatest detective. He solved so many in the past, oh wait, did you think I was talking about Sherlock Holmes? I was talking about Basil of Baker Street yes, the Great Mouse Detective. Surely you remember the movie right? How Ratigan ( voiced by the great Vincent Price) kidnapped Olivia’s father the toymaker. Here’s the trailer, 

This movie is my sister’s favorite, I remember her watching it almost every day. I’m always learning the lines to every single thing at the words to all the songs as well. So when I say this movie has a ton of nostalgic value, I know it’s not just me.

Today at the London Toy Festival it was announced that funko will release the Great Mouse Detective. I am certain that my sister will be buying these. In fact if she doesn’t get the whole set I don’t think I’ll know who she is anymore. 

LOOK AT RATIGAN DRESSED UP!!! Olyvia looking adorable as ever and Basil looking suave.

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