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The Great Mouse Detective Funkos Are Coming In June!

No case is either too big or too small for the world’s greatest detective. He solved so many in the past, oh wait, did you think I was talking about Sherlock Holmes? I was talking about Basil of Baker Street yes, the Great Mouse Detective. Surely you remember the movie right? How Ratigan ( voiced by the great Vincent Price) kidnapped Olivia’s father the toymaker. Here’s the trailer, 

This movie is my sister’s favorite, I remember her watching it almost every day. I’m always learning the lines to every single thing at the words to all the songs as well. So when I say this movie has a ton of nostalgic value, I know it’s not just me.

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Today at the London Toy Festival it was announced that funko will release the Great Mouse Detective. I am certain that my sister will be buying these. In fact if she doesn’t get the whole set I don’t think I’ll know who she is anymore. 

LOOK AT RATIGAN DRESSED UP!!! Olyvia looking adorable as ever and Basil looking suave.

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