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Mr. Peanut, Planter’s Iconic Spokesman, Has Died

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Mr. Peanut in one last act of bravery has sacrificed himself for the sake of his friends Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh. While driving out along a steep cliff their car went out of control and careened off the side. For a moment it seemed that he and the other two passengers would be ok, but when the moment called for a quick decision Mr. Peanut wasn’t hesitant to save his buddies. They caught the entire thing on video which you can watch down below.

And if you still weren’t sure if he passed on, The Estate of Mr. Peanut sent out this message on twitter.

Keep Going!
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We are sincerely hopeful that this is all a mistake, and that Mr. Peanut will rise from the ashes in new form. Like the Phoenix he will be reborn again and most likely during the Superbowl commercials. But for now we mourn over the loss of our favorite salty snack ambassador.

RIP Mr. Peanut. Our hearts go out to your friends and family at this time.

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