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Real ‘Friday the 13th’ Camp Opening to Public

Cue eerie Friday the 13th music.

Are you ready to embark on the real Camp Crystal Lake? So the real name of the camp is actually the No-Be-Bo-Sco camp, this is an active Boy Scout camp located in New Jersey, this is where the original ‘Friday the 13th’ film was originally filmed.

While at the tour, you will have opportunities to purchase souvenirs and special photo opportunities with celebrity guests (if guests are scheduled for your tour).  Since cellular connectivity is difficult at the camp, your best payment option is cash to avoid disappointment.

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Organizers of the camp usually set up visits for fans on the days that the 13th falls on Friday so that they can spend an evening at the actual Camp Crystal Lake. Making the experience more fun is that one of the film’s stars, Adrienne King, is part of this event!

Unfortunately, because this event draws so many fans, you must bid to have the opportunity to visit this Camp. “There’s one single way to find out about future tour opportunities – enter the ticket lottery and join our mailing list.  Don’t miss out on an important announcement – please make sure you subscribe with an email address that you check often.  Don’t worry, we won’t spam you and you can quickly unsubscribe at any time.”

Make sure to hop onto this mailing list because there is only two Friday the 13th’s this year and one is coming up soon in March. The following one isn’t until November. I wish you luck on your journey.

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