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Pokemon ASMR is Here

Winter time brings a lot of chilly days and seemingly never-ending darkness. It makes you want to do nothing but stay in bed and sleep. If you’re anything like me though, sleep is often hard to find. The Pokemon Company wants to help change that though with their “Charmander’s Fireside Slumber” and “Chespin’s Happy Snack Time” ASMR videos.

The “Charmander’s Fireside Slumber” video begins with Charmander lighting a fire with the end of his tail. Then, the adorable orange lizard settles down next to the fire for a nap. They sleep for 30 minutes and 10 seconds. Throughout the snooze, the comforting sounds of the crackling fire help relax you and prepare you for your own nap.

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Looking for something with a little more movement and different sounds? No problem. You can watch the adorable grass-type Chespin munching on a colorful stack of desserts. Sounds of their munching go alongside the Pokemon picking up new desserts to eat. The repetitive action and sounds helps to put you in a better mindset.

If you don’t know, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Essentially, ASMR is a way of relaxing by watching people do various mundane and relaxing activities. Sound effects are a huge aspect of ASMR videos, as more repetitive and quiet sounds help you relax. It’s nice to see The Pokemon Company jumping into the popular world of ASMR videos. After all, the fun-loving and wholesome aura that Pokemon provides is essentially chicken soup for the soul. I know that I intend to let Charmander and Chespin help me relax in the near future.

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