Author: Racquel Keyes

Racquel Keyes is an artist, cosplayer and an animal lover, with a passion for everything nerdy. Racquel was born and raised in the sunny land of Southern California. You can usually find Racquel at home gaming, or creating a new fun makeup look. Racquel is a bubbly metalhead nerd with constantly changing hair colors.

Okay just clarify in the beginning, hero pools WILL REMAIN in Overwatch League, just not in Competitive Mode. On to the exciting news- or not so exciting news for some- Overwatch will be removing hero pools for competitive play. Now all of those one tricks will be able to play their character without restrictions. I mean aside from the random nerfs and reworks that tend to anger us all. Community Manager Molly Fender said in a post to the official Overwatch forum: “We’ve been listening to your feedback and constantly iterating on the feature behind the scenes. We initially implemented…

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