Friday, September 18, 2020

Racquel Keyes

Racquel Keyes is an artist, cosplayer and an animal lover, with a passion for everything nerdy. Racquel was born and raised in the sunny land of Southern California. You can usually find Racquel at home gaming, or creating a new fun makeup look. Racquel is a bubbly metalhead nerd with constantly changing hair colors.

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Overwatch’s Mei Joins Heroes of the Storm Roster

Blizzard added Mei to Heroes of the Storm!

Coca-Cola, Morphe Announce Limited Edition Makeup Collaboration Collection

Morphe Cosmetics has decided to come together with The Coca-Cola Company to make a collection that is to die for!

Competitive Mode Hero Pool Removed from Overwatch

Okay just clarify in the beginning, hero pools WILL REMAIN in Overwatch League, just not in Competitive Mode. On to the exciting news- or not so exciting news for some-...

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Both Occurring in June

In total for 2020 there will be six eclipses, four Lunar, and two Solar. The Lunar Eclipses will all be partial. The Solar Eclipses will be an Annular Eclipse on June 21st and a Total Eclipse on December 14th.

Taco Bell is Helping you Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with At-Home Taco Bars

Taco Bell has released a number of recipe cards on their blog to help you put together your favorite items! Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with an at home taco bar!

Watch & Listen to Stephen King Read the First Chapter of “If It Bleeds”

Watch and listen as Stephen King reads us the first chapter in his upcoming novel, "If it Bleeds"

3-Day Concert Stream Featuring Slipknot, Korn, Panic! at the Disco, Green Day & More

There's going to be a three day concert online with many of our favorite bands! Check it out starting this Friday. You won't want to miss it!

Evanescence Announces First Album In Nine Years, The Bitter Truth

Evanescence has announced the upcoming release of their fifth album, The Bitter Truth. Their first single for the album comes out April 24th

The Princess Bride Coming to Disney Plus May 1st

We will be able to watch 'Princess Bride' as much as we wish starting May 1st on Disney Plus.



Surprise: “Hocus Pocus 2” is Now Officially in Pre-production

We're so ready for this! Disney+ announced project "Hocus Pocus 2" has started pre-production!

Build-A-Bear Just Released a Limited Edition Oogie Boogie

Build-A-Bear just released a new limited edition Oogie Boogie that sings!

This Entire PS5 Pre Order Situation is Pretty Frakking Awful

With some 'select retailers' jumping the gun, pre orders for the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) have been damn-near impossible to get.

Jason Momoa Victim of Fake “Groping Video”

Jason Momoa, star of the blockbuster DCEU film 'Aquaman," has recently become the victim of a smear attempt this week over an...