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Ezra Miller’s Flash Cameos In DC TV’s Crisis Event

We can all relax because the the crisis has finally ended – Arrowverse Crisis On Infinite Earths has finally ended ! But just because the rides over doesn’t mean we can jump back on and check out all the DC cameos / easter eggs involved.

The most obvious reference being Ezra Miller’s appearance in part four of the crossover, where he meets Grant Gustin’s flash while in his own flash persona.

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In this scene, both Flashes meet while Barry Allen ( Grant Gustin ) is in the speed force while he’s searching for his lost friends. They give some banter back and forth, Admire each other and then Ezra Millers Barry Allen Fades away stating that ,

” I told Vic that this was possible “

While the meeting was short, it showed the charm of the character and managed to include the connection between the Tv Dc worlds and the cinematic one. It also seems to give the DC cinematic Universes Flash his official name, since in the Justice League movie he never had an official code name.

The Multitudinous Multiverse Cameo’s

In the last part of the event, many other shows were featured as being restored / and or existing in the DCTV multiverse. Many of these being DC Streaming service exclusive shows.

This sequence is played as a celebration of what Live Action DC has accomplished. While we flash to each earth, Oliver Queen ( Last seen as the Spectre) reiterates the narration the monitor made at the beginning of the event.

In the end there was only one, a single black infinitude. then the infinity found release and finally the darkness broke. Filling it with life with the multiverse. Every existence multiplied by possibility, and spread out before space and time, in infinite measure. Civilization rose and fell, and rose again at realities grasping as sticks. Life ; a precious gift preserving against every obstacle. Until finally , the age of heroes was born.

So what did you think of the cameo(s) ? Did seeing Ezra Miller here just make your more hyped for his solo film ? Did you like the ending multiverse cameos ? Let us know in the comments down below !

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