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New Female Arrow Series Just Released

If you’re upset about Arrow ending this year after an 8 season run, there’s still a lot to look forward too. We reported in September about a new CW Arrow series set in the future with Oliver Queen’s daughter called Canaries. No official premiere date has been released for the series, but the final episodes of Arrow being used as a backdoor pilot for the new series.

Aside from that is Nerdbot’s new fan production, Arrow: Unlimited which just released on January 1st, 2020. Arrow: Unlimited is a new fan series re-imagining staple DC characters in a world where all heroes and villains are genderbent. Disclaimer* Arrow: Unlimited is not an official CW or DC release. It is a fan made series with good intentions!

Writing the script for the new series is Jen Brieter and Colin K. Bass. The shorts are directed and edited by Sean C. Swanson. This series is on going and will follow Olivia Queen, Green Arrow as she fights her way to the truth.

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Playing Arrow/Olivia Queen is Jessica Chancellor who is teaming up with Condor played by Colin K. Bass. Deathstroke/Slade is played by Deneen Melody with Arsenal being played by Amber Myers. Mayor Waller is played by Dave Warner.

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If you would like to check out more of Jessica’s work you can watch The Final Level: Escaping Rancala now streaming on Amazon Prime.

You catch the latest information and content on Arrow by going to CW’s official show page
The Arrow series finale is on January 28th 2020.

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