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Couple Opts for Wedding Pizza Instead of Cake

Jess Malara and Tony Sanchez’s had a very specific vision of what they wanted for their wedding day. They decided, both being pizza lovers that instead of the traditional wedding cake they would serve delicious cheesy pizza pie. Totally winning at this whole wedding thing and creating a new expectation for what other future brides and grooms can opt in for. No longer are you expected to play it safe with cake.

Todd Good Photography

Plus there are a whole bunch of problems with serving cake. What about Uncle Larry with the Diabetes? Or Aunt Sue who just “doesn’t like sweets”. Now you can please everyone without having to compromise your menu. And there are vegetarian and keto options available with cheese pizza or cauliflower crusts.

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Todd Good Photography

The whole wedding was one of a kind and you can find more details in this piece by Huffington post. But what we’re trying to point out is… They had PIZZA for Cake! And now we can’t imagine a wedding any other way.

All images credit to TODD GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY.

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