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Police Department Sets Up Naughty Or Nice Speed Signs

You better watch out

You better not cry 

You better not pout I’m telling you why:

Because of Vermont sign is telling you if you are naughty or nice. 

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Vermont Police department installed a holiday-themed radar to tell you if you were going naughty or nice while driving. Of course I am referring to the fact that if you are driving over the speed limit or driving just right where you need to be. These interesting holiday decorations were placed in to remind drivers to be nice and to drive safely. the Chester police department said that they were inspired by a neighboring City of Manchester that have been doing this for about three years in a row now.

And if you think that this was met with some sort of fire back from the community you couldn’t be further from the truth. One resident decided to call the police department to let them know that they had been naughty which gave them quite the giggle.

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