I’ve stayed in my fair share of Airbnb’s. And let me tell you they’re always nice, well kept and just always felt homey to me. When I visited Japan last year I was able to stay in a bunch of Airbnb’s and even though the quarters were a little small I never once felt like I was being crushed so to speak.

Back in November I visited my sister in Miami. She was getting married and it was going to be the most magical time ever. We did have a little bump in the road with our Airbnb but we got over it. But had I known that this Airbnb was being offered in Orlando I would have totally canceled all my plans. And stayed at this one and found some way over to her wedding. Because a Star Wars themed Airbnb? Hell yeah I’ll go there!

Sorry to my sister but this is how I would probably want to stay in style.

Check it out!

If you want to find out more on how to stay there click on the link here!