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Fan Creates Star Trek Enterprise Menorah!

Hanukkah the festival of lights where some of my friends are getting presents every single night. And I even helped one of my friends years ago ring in one of the nights because he didn’t have anybody to celebrate it with. I will never forget him lighting his menorah and saying the prayer. We ate a lovely meal and a matzo ball soup that was just so good. I’m still trying to get that recipe from him today but apparently it’s a family recipe so I’m out of luck on that one.

When I think of menorahs I normally think of his. It’s a beautiful silver one that has his family’s name engraved on it. Although some other people have told me that they have ones that were specially made for them. Which I think is pretty nifty if you ask me.

One internet user by the name of Chuck T. posted this Star Trek menorah in the Star Trek group on Facebook.

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My friend Louis finally unveiled his secret project tonight, under construction for months at a secret base behind Jupiter. It’s the maiden voyage of the USS Menorahprise! “Her 8-night mission: to boldly schlep where no Jew has schlepped before!” Happy Hanukkah!

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