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Cat-Astrophe, A Game of Stacking Cats

Remember Pass the Pigs? I always wanted that game, and someday I’m going to buy it but for now I just really want Cat-Astrophe. It’s a game that is simple and fun that anyone can play. All you have to do is stack the cats!

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The description says that it’s for everyone. “Kids and adults. Strangers and best mates. Big groups or on your own. Dumb people and clever people. People who hate games and people who love games. People who don’t speak the same language and people who do. Cat lovers get to play with tiny little adorable vinyl cats, cat haters get to see the tower inevitably topple. What’s not to love?”

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It’s also been one of the hottest selling items this year. When it was listed on Hot Topic’s website it took just days to sell out. Which is why I was glad when I was able to find it at They are selling if for just $13.99 and they have gift wrapping options available. So you don’t even have to worry about wrapping it when it arrives!

This game is sure to be even more fun the drunker you get, if you like to drink that is. Otherwise have fun just hanging out and trying to blow it over when someone else stacks a cat.

What’s your favorite game to play with friends? Tell us in the comments!

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