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A Yoshi Egg Lamp For Your Personal Mushroom Kingdom!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Nintendo lover that they don’t already have yet you should check out this lamp by It is perfect for bookshelves, empty corners or anywhere you may want to lighten up.

The description on the site is this:

Artify – Square

“Let’s set the scene. You’re a moustached plumber. A wayward Yoshi has laid an egg in your house, and it’s glowing. If you eat mushrooms, you get taller.

Wait, hang on. A Yoshi egg in your house? And it’s glowing? Man, that’s sick. If only it was real.

Wait – again! It is real. And it’s USB powered!

This lifesize replica of a big ol’ Yoshi egg provides the perfect ambience for a long night of playing your favourite Ninty titles. If only it hatched, then you’d have something to sit on as well…”

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The egg stands about 9″ tall or 23cm. And since it’s USB powered you can literally put it anywhere you can plug in your phone, since we all have those nifty adapters now. It’s retailing for $33.99 and they also have gift wrapping options available when you add it to the cart.

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