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Most Amazing Star Wars Wedding Perfectly Captured

Getting married is no small feat. Especially if you go the real “Wedding” route. Me, I just got married at the courthouse but that’s neither here nor there. If you were to ask me though now, I would absolutely renew my vows and have the wedding that I chose to skip. And you know what? Mine would be fandom inspired up the wazoo. For this couple who chose to put what they love into their wedding it was Star Wars or bust. And Star Wars it was! Now we have these amazing pictures to look at which they shared with the world in the most wonderful way.

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They posted the original picture on Imgur, saying that “My Wife was super keen on getting this shot. I scored alright”

The entire wedding was captured by Unveiled Wedding Photography in San Diego, CA by Mark Hillis. When speaking with Bored Panda he said that, “Fewer than 1% of our weddings are theme weddings” which made Carrie and Cory’s wedding so special.

He also said, “Most are not fully implemented themes, but rather just a few accents to the decor or activities. For instance, a couple might have light sabers and a bit of decor that matches the Star Wars theme, but they don’t dress up as a character from the movie. It’s rare to see a full-blown theme wedding where the wedding party and the bride and groom have dressed up to play the part and all the decor is theme related.”

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All images credited to Mark Hillis. If you would like to plan out a fandom wedding of your own we recommend contacting the folks at Wedding Planners and Designers Cristina Galvan from Hermosa Weddings and Events will be sure to point you in the right direction!

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