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Los Angeles Shuts Down Post Malone’s ‘Howlin’ Rays’ Delivery Deal

Imagine being a restaurant that’s home to some of the best fried chicken to ever be served on God’s green Earth…

You’re fried chicken is so delicious that just about everyday in LA’s Chinatown, hundreds flock to a motel mall type building and wait in line for hours to order it. I kid you not… a one to three hour wait… every, single, day. Then one day this dude Post Malone, I’m sure you’ve heard of him, comes along and says, “if I can get Postmates to deliver your fried goodness to people for a couple of days, would you do it?”

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You, being hip to the times say, “this is a really great idea Post Malone.”

Then in the not too far future, this idea comes to fruition. Even writes an article about how during a short window of time, folks living within a predetermined delivery radius will be able to have items from a limited Howlin’ Rays menu brought directly to their front doors. Sounds like either the best thing ever, or how world wars are started.

So far no missiles have been launched but, this Howlin’ Rays delivery deal was so popular, so successful, with so many orders placed, it had to be shut down. Los Angeles literally broke Postmates.

I’m being serious, check out the below thread from the Howlin’ Rays Twitter account.

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Crazy stuff right? In the end, the demand was too much for a small cloud kitchen to handle.

For anyone who has ever questioned Los Angeles’ fried chicken capabilities, thinking that such a staple of American food culture is best served in the Sauth (spelled that way for a reason)… just ask yourself if whatever restaurant in wherever Alabama ever had to shut down a Post Malone slash Postmates collaboration because hundreds of orders are coming in each minute? Didn’t think so.

I’m not labeling LA a fried chicken town anytime soon though I can personally confirm the greatness that is Howlin’ Rays. I know a multiple hour wait in a line might not sound like an appealing way to spend your free time but what lies at the end of the line will satisfy your hunger undoubtedly. I’ve spent a good amount of hours in many lines for food during the course of my life and Howlin’ Rays is one of a handful of places I can promise is actually worth the wait.

Maybe in another life Post Malone will stop singing Fleet Foxes and buy a whole flock of cloud kitchens so the dream of walking from living room to driveway for some Howlin’ Rays action can ultimately come true.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Howlin’ Rays/Twitter

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