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Combine Your Favorite Fandom With Your Big Day!

Sometimes we want to get married and have a perfect special day. But we also want to incorporate our favorite fandom into it. The fandom is a part of who we are and represents a part of us that can’t be ignored. Every day you can put on your armor in the form of a Batman shirt or a themed bracelet, but what do you do when you want to make it elegant? This is where Fandom Wedding Fair can help you.

Whether you are into Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Disney or any other fandom you can find your inspiration at this coming Fandom Wedding Fair. Sometimes finding the time to think about all the accessories you would want to pair with that awesome wedding cake you found online just doesn’t exist. That’s when expos like this come in handy. They not only put you in touch with the people that can make your dreams come true but also show you ways you can decorate that you may not have thought of before. 

Fandom Wedding Fair is November 10th at NOOR in Los Angeles. They will have multiple areas set up that will be based on various fandoms where you can see how a pulled together wedding could look plus there will be matching bride and groom nerdy/cosplay couples.

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  • Fantasy – Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings
  • Comic Superheroes – Justice League and Avengers 
  • Comic Supervillains – Joker & Harley Quinn
  • Disney – Cinderella
  • Disney Supervillains – Maleficent
  • Sci-fi – Star Wars and Star Trek
  • Anime

They will have Wedding Planners and Designers Cristina Galvan from Hermosa Weddings and Events plus other planners and designers onsite so if you would like to get some ideas rolling you can. Their elopement packages are also a great option if you wanted a backdrop and photos because everything is already set up for you!

This isn’t only for couples though, they also can cater to special events and birthday parties. There is a solution for almost anything you can think of! You can get tickets by clicking the link here. Fandom Wedding fair is something you and your significant other wont want to miss out on!

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