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Pillsbury Now Has Lucky Charms Cookie Dough Filled With Marshmallows

Are you ready to eat the cookie of your life? Well get ready! Walmart is now selling a limited edition Pillsbury cookie dough pack of Lucky Charms cookies. If you loved the way those marshmallows tasted in your cereal then you’re going to love the way these cookies melt in your mouth. Of course you could always just eat the dough out of the bag… not recommended sure but if you have a wonky oven like I do it’s better then burning almost every one.

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These will be selling in Walmart locally for around $3. Depending on where you live of course that could mean $2.99 or $3.50. But it’s totally worth it just to say you’ve tried these. Hopefully if these do well they will bring them out once in a while in the future.

What’s your favorite limited edition cookie? Tell us in the comments!

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