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Yes, You Do Need These Baby Yoda Leggings

If you thought you could escape the hype that is Baby Yoda then I have some bad news for you. Once you gaze into those bulbous eyes you will fall in love and after that there is no going back. You are going to want everything that is “The Child” and you are going to want it now. Along with these amazing Baby Yoda Leggings. How else are you supposed to have a full outfit of the foundling? And if you wanted something to pair with that Baby Yoda ugly sweater you just bought for your office Christmas party then this may be the way to go.

Artify – Square

Admittedly the picture for these is a little obnoxious. Not the Baby Yoda part, that part is adorable. I mean the part where it shows two sticks for legs. Now imagine if you stretched it out to look like an actual human and you can see how cute these would look on you. So don’t be intimidated by the thigh gap in the picture. We all know that’s just wrong and against nature. At least for us girls who aren’t model thin.

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At least with feet we know its actually being worn.. or an amazing photoshop job.

These are selling for $34.91 and have free shipping to the U.S. Share the article to drop a hint that you want these for Christmas or just buy it yourself! Treat yourself! You deserve it.

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