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A Golden Girls Puppet Show is Touring The U.S.

So you love puppets and the Golden Girls, well you’re in luck because there is now a stage show that combines the two. The show has some rave reviews online and will continue to tour the U.S. into April of 2020. So if you want to get together with some good friends and grab some tickets you better find where they are playing near you!

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Golden Girls is one of those shows that despite being about older women really resonates with everyone. They touch on life events as well as show you how to overcome your differences in friendships. Think of how good of an example they are for those of us who struggle with finding a happy middle in relationships.

Gay City News is quoted to have said, “Classy and Sassy! Sashay on over to the theatre and check out his laugh-out-loud parody ‘That Golden Girls Show!’ where you can relive the funniest iconic moments from the series”

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And if that doesn’t sell you on the show I don’t know what will. I know I will be grabbing some tickets soon.

Do you know anyone who would like to see this show? Tell us in the comments if you have seen it before!

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