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No Doubt Hints at Tragic Kingdom Anniversary Tour in 2020

Welcome to the Tragic Kingdom. If you find yourself walking in the Spiderwebs then Excuse Me Mr. you’ve got things all wrong! No Doubt recently hinted at an anniversary tour and it has everyone who was rocking out to Just a Girl on the edge of their seats ready to buy tickets. The last time they played anything off the album was their tour in 2015 when they played a couple of songs sprinkled in here and there. And before that it was 2009 on their greatest hits tour. It was so awesome I went to see them twice.

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Adrian said that Tragic Kingdom turns 24 this year and that he would be down to do a 25th anniversary tour next year. Now if they can get Gwen to come along that would be the clincher. Hopefully she can either tour with her family or do a few shows during summer. She also posted on Instagram how grateful she was for her fans to be with them this long.

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Whether this means that there will be a tour however remains to be seen. I certainly hope they do tour, because that means I can take my daughter to her first concert. She’s only five but I’m sure with some ear covers and holding her on my shoulders she’ll be fine. Plus maybe then Gwen will want to schedule a playdate with the kids… and there I go dreaming again.

We will be following this story very closely so if you want to make sure you get word of if they are going on tour make sure to give our Facebook a follow. And we hope you have a wonderful Sunday Morning.

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