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Check Out This Lego Recreation of the Battle of Helm’s Deep

Modeled after Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings this Lego build is made up of exactly 150,000 LEGO bricks and 1,700 mini LEGO figurines. The scene is made up to recreate one of the most epic battles of the film franchise. The Battle of Helm’s Deep.

The duo behind the build, Rich-K and Big J said that the process was painful and they were working on it for four months before they could call it finished. There is so much detail in this that you have to really look at each picture. Catapults, one on one battle scenes, ladders and more are sprinkled into this giant diorama.

Artify – Square

The two said that after they received the lack luster Helm’s Deep set that Lego put out they decided to make it their own. The hardest part was collecting the elves because they could only get so many from different places. Eight here and seven there took and excruciatingly long time to collect.

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You can see even more pictures of the creation by checking out Goelkim2011 on He is credited to all of these images and has taken some amazing pictures of the construction.

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