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Nerdbot’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide (Part One)

If you’re currently shopping around for gifts for your friends then you’re not alone. Now is the time to start stocking up on those stocking stuffers. And there is a lot to choose from this year. Here is a handy guide to help you pick some thoughtful presents for those who mean the most to you. And let’s face it this list is going to be part one of three because dang there is a lot of cool stuff surrounding fandoms! Remember it’s always best to observe your friends, or ask a friend of a friend what they’d like instead of guessing. Lucky for us lots of nerds just wear shirts with their favorite fandom so we probably know what they might like. When all else fails, Crocs(mostly kidding) and fandom socks are the way to go.

Themed Looksee Boxes has some wonderful looksee boxes that would be great for any type of fan. Specifically we would like to point out these Harry Potter sets. They have one for each house and they come with things they could use or show off daily. Like a cute little mascot plate, a journal with their house, a key chain and more. They sell a lot more variety than Harry Potter and if you want to see what else they have go ahead and click here. These are the ultimate cheat code to a great Christmas Gift.

Monty Python Toys

If you know someone into Monty Python then this is a great year for gift giving. They have a figurine of the Black Knight that you can keep on your desk to motivate you. If he thinks it “tis but a scratch” then you can surely power through the rest of your humdrum day. Or if you need a cuddly deadly rabbit then check out this Monty Python Rabbit Plushie.

Star Wars Ship Bluetooth Speakers

Want a really cool toy for your desk? They have awesome Star Wars Ship bluetooth speakers that you can get from enter or even Kohls has some. The brand is IHome but don’t let that fool you. They are compatible with any bluetooth enabled device.

Fandom Ugly Sweaters

Yes, They have Sailor Moon!! and Many Many Others

As much as we try to resist it seems that ugly sweaters are in. Ugly sweater parties are branching out into not only Christmas time but also Halloween and other prominent holidays. has a ton of fandom themed sweaters including ones with video game characters, anime, horror films and comic books. These are great because if they are confident enough they can wear it everyday. And if they aren’t they will at least be able to dig it out of the closet once a year and think about how nice you are.

Umbrella Academy Trade Paperbacks

Hot Topic is branching out this year with their holiday gifts section on the website. If you know someone who loved the series on Netflix then you will be glad to know that you can get the first 3 trade paperbacks online. Why not get them into what started it all with the original comic written by Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. It also might be a good idea for a My Chemical Romance fan who is ready to follow one of Way’s other outlets.

Nostalgia Infused Collectible Cards

1 of 648

If you really want to go the extra mile you may want to check out some listings on Ebay. With X-Men the Animated Series coming with Disney Plus at launch you’re sure to find some friends with an undying love of 90’s X-Men. And if you check Ebay they have some really cool sets from the 90s readily available.

X-Men Figurines

Speaking of how Awesome X-Men are they are also selling sets of the animated series figures on Amazon. You can find them in pairs of two. Check them all out by following the link here.


Is there really anything better than getting a Lego set on Christmas? We didn’t think so. And there are just so many different sets to choose from. Some of our favorites include this Micheal Keaton Batman set and of course any Star Wars ship you can find. There are also cool Friends and The Office sets for those of you who have friends crazy about sitcoms.

Scientifically Accurate Dinosaur Figures

These ones are for the real nerd who loves to keep everything accurate. Or just a person who is crazy about Dinos. has some amazing dinosaurs that are perfect for giving to kids to help clear up some of the misconceptions about dinosaurs. If you want them to play with them at all I would suggest picking up one of these sets instead of buying an overpriced Jurassic Park toy. They also have amazing kits where you can build your own dinosaur! These sets may be better for the slightly older gift recipient.

Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchenware

This year a hot item was the amazing kitchenware that Target had for what seemed like the blink of an eye. Well luckily the same brand is selling most of the kitchenware on other sites as well. There is a mug that goes with the bowl and plate set and some really cute salt and pepper shakers of Zero and Scary Teddy. There are also all sorts of mugs and aprons available for purchase from You can view all of their Nightmare collection by clicking the link here.


This seems like an obvious choice but don’t worry we can make this nerdy. There is a Picard wine that you can get for Star Trek Fans, A Nick Offerman Whiskey and a DOOM Vodka. Where there is a will there is a way and even if you get something from the grocery store you can always make up your own clever label.

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