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Review of Da Hawaiian Kitchen Restaurant

Vacationing on the Hawaiian island of Maui has been a big part of my life ever since I was little, and it’s become somewhat of a tradition for my family.  Whether it’s the bright, sandy beaches or the calming, warm waters, there’s something always transporting me back and wishing that I could stay there forever.   Not to mention the food! It’s really hard to find the same flavors and delicacies of the islands on the mainland. However, whenever my family and I get Da Hawaiian Kitchen for dinner, we always feel one step closer to paradise.  

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This local business currently has two locations – one in Huntington beach near the Target, and one that is beach side in Newport beach.  They use “fresh ingredients and special flavors that only Hawaii can provide.”  

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Maui’s Black Rock Beach


From spam musubis to loco moco, Da Hawaiian Kitchen offers a wide variety of Hawaiian food.  Their menu covers breakfast items, local plates, Hawaiian plates, pupus and sides, and their delicious “CPC” (Chili Peppa chicken) packs. 


Da Hawaiian Kitchen serves breakfast all day, which is amazing because sometimes you’re in the mood for breakfast at 3 in the afternoon.  All of their breakfast dishes come with rice paired with a variety of ingredients. For example, they have spam, eggs and rice, and bacon fried rice.  

Local Plates

All of their local plates come with 2 scoops of rice and 1 scoop of mac.  Their main meats are chicken, beef, and pork, flavored with different seasonings.  Mahi mahi also makes up a plate. What they are most known for is there CPC plate, which includes 2 whole fried chicken thighs, rolled in their chili peppa sauce.  The chicken comes with different sauce choices as well, CPC, Spicy CPC, Garlic, or Spicy Garlic. My mom and dad love this plate, especially with the CPC sauce.  

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The different versions of the CPC plate
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“The skin stays crispy even as it’s drenched in sauce.”

My mom’s experience with the CPC dish
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The CPC chicken is also sold individually in packs ranging from 3 pieces to 18 pieces.  

My personal favorite is the teriyaki chicken.  In my opinion, you can never go wrong with teriyaki.  

Also included with the local plates are teri beef, kalbi ribs, kalua pig, and loco moco.  

I haven’t tried Da Hawaiian Kitchen’s loco moco, yet, but I do enjoy the dish everytime I visit Maui.  The dish consists of beef patties on top of rice, covered with eggs, and drenched with gravy. Da Hawaiian Kitchen offers this traditional dish in 3 different styles, with corn beef, spam, or kalua pig.  

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Da Hawaiian Kitchen’s Loco Moco
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Hawaiian Plates

Under Hawaiian Plates, they serve the Da Hawaiian combo plate, kalua pig plate, lau lau plate, and the DHK Bowl.  All of these dishes include loli salmon and poi.  

As one of their sides, Da Hawaiin Kitchen serves my favorite food of all time, spam musubi.  Spam musubi is a slice of spam on top of rice wrapped in seaweed. It’s the most simplest thing, but one of the most delicious.  

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Spam Musubi
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All in all, I believe that Da Hawaiian Kitchen is one of the best Hawaiian food restaurants that you can find in California.  I definitely savor every bite of food and can’t wait till the next time that we go. 

Do you like Hawaiian food?  Would you try Da Hawaiian Kitchen?  Let us know in the comments!

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