Possible Leak of Sonic’s Redesign Emerges on Twitter

According to @Bestinthegalaxy on twitter these new images are what Paramount is playing with for the new redesign for Sonic. These images are a bit blurry and while it is at this point only a rumor, many of the people commenting are enjoying the new look.

When asked for the source of these images the original poster said that a friend who worked at Paramount sent them to them.

This design is a far cry from what we saw earlier this year and a lot better. If you remember the before version you probably still have nightmares. Maybe I’m being too harsh, here is an image of the before Sonic to refresh our memories.

Yeah No, it’s pretty bad. Sonic the Hedgehog while kind of a boss who runs fast and collects rings is still supposed to be inherently cute. He and Tails sell tons of merch and it’s not because they look like this. It’s because they look like this!

Cute right? Also I don’t recommend searching for the duo with the safe search settings off. I will never unsee what I just saw…

The redesign, if this is legit will come as a welcome change to the original that they showed us. Hopefully soon we will get that announcement or even better a brand new trailer for the movie using the new model.

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