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Cosplayers Guide To L.A. Comic Con

The Third Weekend of October is the most fan-tastical time in Los Angeles, as L.A. Comic Con arrives to take over the city. With hundreds of vendors, cosplayers, panels, and exhibitions ; the con was filled with endless tributes to fandom and pop culture.

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The three days of the con are oriented around certain , fan labeled, moods / phases.

Friday ( 3:00 – 7:00) being a start up/ warm up day, Saturday ( 10:00-7:00) being the busiest day and the one which most companies take the main stage, and Sunday being the more Family Friendly/ biggest shopping day.

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Small gangs of spider peoples would often meet and grow in size.

Saturday was the biggest event day, with the main stage/convention rooms hosting panels ranging from television reunions, BTS programs, talent shows, cosplay contests live retrospectives and more. While there are sunday events, most of them are more smaller creator owned than the day before.

Due to L.A. Comic Con being less about headline making announcements, the atmosphere is more lax on making news and recenters on appreciating fandoms.

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