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Marvel Themed Injury Wraps and Braces

If you have a kid who plays sports, chances are he/she will be hurt at some point. If you have a kid who is a hardcore gamer, they might need some wrist support. Heck, kids are just kids. They are going to get hurt.

Now DonJoy has athletic guards, braces, wraps, and more with a Marvel theme.

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Most of these braces, guards, and so on run around $19.99 to $29.99. And they sure are fun. Yes, I checked and, no, they don’t have adult sizes. I wonder if they can make me one for my tennis elbow issue. Hmmm…

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Image: But does it shoot webs?!

When you child has an injury or some pain, why not make them into a superhero! They are apparently available online and I saw them in a local CVS. They are darned cool and I wish I had them when I was a kid! Though, I never got many injuries reading comic books or watching bootleg VHS tapes of anime…

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