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Horror Blazers for the Professional Nerd

Ever wanted to fashionably express your fandom and still be work ready? Check out these cool horror blazers that has just come out with. You may remember a while back we wrote about cool nerdy suits that you could get with the lining of comic book images. Well now they have three new blazers that have Nightmare on Elm Street, Gremlins, and Beetlejuice designs on the inseams!

Artify – Square

They also have some cool stripped pants to go with the Beetlejuice blazer. The cost on these is relatively low too, so you can get the whole outfit for under $70 or just pick a blazer for $50. That’s way cheaper than throwing down for an actual suit that makes you feel boring.



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Nightmare on Elm Street

You can also check out their comic book suits by following the link here!

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