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FRIENDS Themed Cards Against Humanity is Here

Cards Against Humanity is one of the most popular party games there is right now. You learn just how sick you and your friends are mentally but still are able to laugh. But this game is also quick to make enemies because you lay down your best card, knowing full well that it is funny and very relevant to the round. And what happens? Your friend denies you and chooses a card that someone else threw away. Yeah, I have been there before, trust me.

It seems that this game is still able to pump out some exciting expansions despite whoever they insult. It even inspired a Muggles Against Humanity made from a fan (yes I played that one, and it’s brilliant as well) It seemed to me that the company couldn’t raise the bar any higher. Boy was I wrong. 
Introducing, The one with all the cards

Artify – Square

I love the name of the name of this set, it pays homage to the titles of the episodes from Friends. You will get 99 black cards and 180 white cards. This set was created by the shop Daisy Store Gifts and you can get a little sneak peak of the expansion here 

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