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What CW’s Batwoman Needs To Get Right

The Character, And Its Fans, Deserve To See The Best The Creative Team Can Offer

Introduced in 2006s Weekly title “52” , Kate Kane Batwoman jumped onto the scene with the explosive gravitas and finesse that a member of the bat family is expected to have.

Her appearance spun out of the limited series Infinite Crisis , which itself was a continuation of 1985’s Crisis On Infinite Earth. These era defining events often shook up continuity; helping to establish a new status quo.

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While Kate Kane first made her appearance in 52s (2006) issue seven, we don’t see her properly suited up until issue 11.

Since Kate’s arrival, she’s made headlines as the Dcs premiere Queer superhero. While she hasn’t always had a book, she has had a consistent presence in the Dc universe.

And during this time, fans have always debated on the quality of the books and the character itself. So when the Cw announced her live action adaptation , an uproar of support and concerns arose.

So when adapting this member of the Batfamily, there are certain aspects of the character that the creative team Needs to nail.

Her Skills And Overall Presence

Detective comics 857, during which Batwoman was the main focus of the title.

While Kate is inspired by Batman, she isn’t a simple clone. She has her own fighting style, skills and arsenal that needs to be clearly distinct from the bat. While the trailer makes it seem that she’s simply using all of Bruce’s leftovers, this shouldn’t be the case.

While it’s fine if she starts out using her cousins arsenal, she should incorporate her own designs, weaponry and techniques into her Bat-persona. It will be interesting if they incorporate her use of guns, something Bruce is adamantly against.

In fact, alot of time she starts off with her own tools and networks. Any major aid she gets come from her father, who helps her reconfigure military tools / networks to their purpose.

Her relationship with the city is different than bruces, as well as how she tackles problems. She’s not a detective, she’s a soldier who heads into battle headstrong and passionately.

And there are times where she can be more mysterious than the Bat. Someone even more expressive as well. So the show needs to make it clear that the city views Kane and her predecessor differently

Her Backstory

Pictured (L-R): Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore and Ruby Rose as Kate Kane – It seems that the Lesbian Romance / Military Code 125 situation is going to be addressed in the show.

As long as they handle the Military / Lesbian angle they way it was done Greg Rucka’s run, then everything should be fine. The complexity of the story is just so real and inspiring.

A women who doesn’t falter in her identity and convictions, turning away from what she dedicated herself too – is inspiring no matter the person.

What I feel needs to pointed out is that when comparing her mission to the Bats, hers is not fueled by vengeance. At the end of the day, bruce is just a kid trying to make up for the fact that he couldn’t save his parents.

And while Kate went through a similar trauma, her war is based on saving people. And while far smarter writers have explained it better , her war on crime stands on footholds of injustice rather than pain.

Batwoman isn’t a calling or a destiny, it’s a job she took because she wanted to make sure that what happend to her – won’t happen to anyone else.

To quote her father ,

” if victory means taking revenge for what happened to them, then you’ve already lost.But if the objective is to save just one life , to keep one person from having their life shattered in violence … then you can prevail ”

Taken from Detective Comics #860 , Kate explains to her father that she’s found her her purpose in life.

So what do you think the Cw Batwoman Show should do with the character? And are you excited for the premiere this October? Let us know in the comments down below!

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