Remember how Captain Marvel did so well despite everyone saying it sucked and Brie Larson was a pariah? Well it would seem that the same people who took issue with Captain Marvel are at it again, only this time the effort is being put toward downvoting and commenting on the new Batwoman trailer.

Now with 244k down votes and over 67k comments one can only wonder what people are having such an issue with. Well it turns out that when Kate Kane(Ruby Rose) says things like “Make it perfect” when regarding altering the Batsuit, or that she “doesn’t want him to get credit for her work” it triggered a lot of people. Mostly men but also some women are having a hard time with the new adaptation.

When I say new adaptation really that means since 2006 Kate Kane was written to be a lesbian. She is not the only LGBT hero in Batman but at the time of her conversion to going from Bruce’s love interest to his cousin it was hailed as a great accomplishment for representation since Batwoman was such a high profile hero.

I guess it really depends on what side of the coin you are on. If you are amped to see more LGBT representation in the characters that we know and love or if you are completely against them altering characters for the benefit of the audience.

When Wonder Woman was revealed to be bisexual there was a similar backlash amongst fans despite the fact that Wonder Woman has always been a taboo sex symbol. They only recently made her more mainstream in the way that she is now a hero for little girls. Before, or rather when she first appeared she would use bondage as a tool for truth and often times her creator William Marsten would often roll over the traits from his partners into the character. William Marsten was most famously in a polyamorous triad in where he admired, respected and empowered his wives.

If this is any indication of whether or not the show will be a success I would say that it probably will be. Especially since despite these comments and downvotes the video has over 3 million views. So either people are curious or they keep watching it to get mad. It doesn’t matter the series is happening and I am excited for it.

What do you think of all this? Are you excited for the new Batwoman? Tell us in the comments!


  1. What? People are having problems with the trailer because they’re hammering in (very explicitly) that the main character is an LGBT+ woman, and it just feels like SJW-pandering, hamfisted writing. I’m a woman, and I’d rather have Batwoman be a 3-dimensional character that has a personality than a generically tough feminist symbol.

  2. Okay, do I want to see the show? No. Is it because she is LGBTQ? No. I love Batman, not the movie Batman since the first movie. Christian Bale did alright, I just couldn’t get by the stupid voice. It’s Batman that I want to see, Bruce Wayne. Everything else is a knockoff. But, if people want to see it, let them. If it succeeds, it succeeds. If it fails, it fails. Either way doesn’t matter too much to me.

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