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Must Have Harry Potter-inspired Clothing

We all know at least five people in our lives who are fans – if not obsessed – with The Wizarding World, more specifically Harry Potter. If it’s a birthday, holiday, or for your own personal closet I got you fam. Harry Potter-inspired fashion is finally stepping it up with the clothing that is sold from corporations to small businesses.

It’s easy to get lost on the web when hunting down some fashionable HP clothing. Grab your wands, collect your Chocolate Frog Cards and hop on those brooms (or enchanted Muggle devices) and check out some Harry Potter – inspired clothing.

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BlackMilk Clothing Ravenclaw Spliced Ninja Pants

Ravenclaw Spliced Ninja Pants (BlackMilk Clothing) are a super cute part of their limited edition Hogwarts House fitness collection priced at $61.24 USD ranging from sizes XS – XL. Don’t worry, they also have sets for Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff.

The Muggle Struggle design from WildWombatDesigns on Etsy

Lots of people try to find some fun workout clothing as BlackMilk proved with their limited edition fitness clothing sets for women, but when you search for Harry Potter clothing on Etsy you dive into a sea where you can get lost! The Muggle Struggle Workout Tank Top (WildWombatDesign on Etsy) is a unisex design that also comes in different top styles retailed at $25.80 USD and is the perfect HP gift for your dearest gym rat.


Harry Potter Oversize Sherpa Hoodie from

The Harry Potter Oversize Sherpa Hoodie (Harry Potter Shop) looks like one cuddle article of clothing you NEED to have in your closet. With or without a companion, anything Sherpa is a comfy cuddle retailed at $64.95

Harry Potter Hoodie Cloaks from Hot Topic in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, & Ravenclaw

The Harry Potter House Hoodie Cloaks (Hot Topic) are super cute and are styled in a casual wear. You could use the ties or just let it hang (as images show). The cloaks are retailed at $59.90 are come in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Girls Hooded Sweater from Hot Topic

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Girls Hooded Sweater (Hot Topic) looks surprisingly nice. It’s pretty perfect for the Fall season which is coming up! Don’t cry if you aren’t a Ravenclaw because other House Styles are available on their site! The sweater is retailed at $49.90.

BlackMilk Invisibility Cloak Super Drape Top
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The Invisibility Cloak Super Drape Top (BlackMilk Clothing) is perfect for all your inner witch’s closet! With an asymmetrical cut and long length you could even wear it as a dress or with leggings. Retailed at $74.90


Harry Potter Sorting Hat Charm Bangle (Silver Finish) from Alex and Ani

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Charm Bangle (Alex and Ani) is a thoughtful start to any relationship and achievement. You can always add more charms to it. The bangle is available in Rafaelian Gold Finish or Rafaelian Silver finish for only $28 USD. Very affordable and extremely adorable!

Harry Potter Winter Accessory Set from

If you need some house pride winter gear for yourself it’s available online! I specifically enjoy the Harry Potter Winter Accessory Set ( Other house colors are available as well so no fret! Priced at £44.00 ($54.97 USD). The site has so many more clothing pieces to offer including gift trunks (Muggles know the term “gift sets”) that have many treats and treasures fit into a trunk!

1138 Clothing’s Raven Beret on Etsy

The Raven Beret (1138 Clothing on Etsy) is only one of a few designs that pay homage to the Harry Potter Franchise. The berets come the different houses as well as the iconic scar. Each priced at $25 USD. 1138 Clothing hand makes each and every one of their clothing pieces ranging from dresses to crop tops to outerwear and hats.


HP House Hi-Top Sneakers & HP Wizard Print Foldover Combat Boots at Hot Topic

Harry Potter House Hi-Top Sneakers and Harry Potter Wizard Print Foldover Combat Boots (Hot Topic). The sneakers are available in the different house colors and are retailed $39.90 USD. The boots are in women’s sizes retailed at $49.90 USD.

Last but not least for this small bit of a never-ending list of shoppes, designs, and variations; VANS x HARRY POTTER Collection! There are so many different styles to pick from and each house has their own specific design. HOWEVER! There is the glorious custom option where you can mix and match to fit your own personal student style.

As previously stated, there are so many sites and so many businesses that will have products that tickle the inner Hogwarts student and vacuum your finances so stay alert! The holidays are coming up, birthdays are year ’round and sometimes it takes a lot of planning and money to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Happy Shopping!

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