Nightmare Before Christmas and Other Salt & Pepper Shakers Back in Stock!

Remember when Target had that amazing dinnerware?! Well we finally found somewhere that had those beautiful salt and pepper shakers in stock. Along with these Jack and Sally shakers the site also hosts an array of other sets that would look great in any collection. Growing up I remember my Nana would collect salt and pepper shakers so naturally I kind of took up the hobby myself. If you are a nerdy collector but don’t want to take up a lot of space, or you prefer function over fashion you should definitely check these out.


Who wouldn’t want these on their table? No really these are great and they serve two purposes. One they are great if you happen to collect horror artifacts and two they season your meal. Instead of them making a meal of you why don’t you allow these Xenomorph eggs to make your meal better. See now YOU have the power!


Check out these cute Pac-Man Ghosts! Inky and Blinky are super cute! And the one that holds pepper is Inky so that will keep you from accidentally salting when you want pepper. These go with a cool retro theme that any gamer can appreciate. They also have some cool Mario ones here.


These would have been cool if I could have made a “light side/dark side” joke but alas they are both on the Imperial side. All kidding aside I have these and there is really no amount of words that can do them justice. They are heavy ceramic and just beautiful. You can check these out by clicking here.


Pickle Rick anyone? I don’t know how hungry this set will make you but if they are your thing, cool I guess? I’m sure someday I will hop on the Rick and Morty bandwagon but until I do, I respect everyone else for vying for the series so hard. Rick and Morty is undeniably one of the biggest things right now so it would make a great gift for a friend who you know likes the show and also seasonings on their food.

There are a lot more you can check out but if you were just reading this to get to the goods, thank you! Now without further ado..

Jack and Sally Set

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